Public participation is an integral part of the Environmental Authorisation Process and is a process by which the State and the Project Team are able to consult with interested and affected individuals, organisations and government entities before making a decision. The Public Participation Process (PPP) is a two-way communication and collaborative problem solving tool with the goal of achieving representative and more acceptable decisions.

Therefore as per the principles of Integrated Environmental Management, i.e. transparency and fairness, this page provides a list of current projects, its project status and invite public participation during the highlighted timeframe.

Should you be unable to obtain access to the available documents or should you wish to obtain further information on the project you can contact the Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP) responsible for that project.

To register as an Interested and Affected Party, please download and complete the relevant I&AP registration form and forward with your comments to the responsible EAP on the contact details provided.

Projects available for public participation.


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